Ost Lost Girl 2x07

Pati Yang-Timebomb Ost Lost Girl 2x07 - Chipmunks and Chipettes - Timebomb

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I'm killing time

With a timebomb

Ticking right through

Days gone by here, without a proof

Reasons to put those last few words into

Of our last ever crime

Before I'll place my heart in your hands

And your senses in mine

I hope you know where to take us

There is violence in lights

This empty world

Of racing tempers

Not a soul left to shine

Stay till I fade in my cradle

Till I re-learn how to care for my halo

Fight not to hurt

The time subsides erasing past

Wish I'd taken some pictures

All the good things and the wicked charm

There is nothing they'd teach us

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Chipmunks and Chipettes - Timebomb

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