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Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
And what the hell is on Joeys head?

This is where I grew up
I think the present owner fixed it up
I never knew we ever went without
The second floor is hard for sneakin out

And this is where I went to school
Most of the time had better things to do
Criminal record says I broke in twice
I mustve done it half a dozen times

I wonder if its too late
Should I go back and try to graduate?
Life's better now than it was back then
If I was them I wouldn't let me in oh oh oh
Oh god I

Every memory of lookin out the back door
I got the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
Its hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

Every memory of walkin out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was lookin for
Its hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

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