Teaching Children About Safety

ESL Podcast 505 Teaching Children About Safety - battlefield 3 ESL minifragvovie

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Ms. Sanchez Okay, kids. Im Ms. Sanchez, your substitute for this week. Im taking all of you on the field trip tomorrow. Listen up. There are some ground rules we need to go over. First, each of you will have a partner and you will hold hands while we cross the streets.

Student Ms. Sanchez...?

Ms. Sanchez Ill take questions later. Let me get through all of my instructions first. Remember, dont talk to strangers. There are predators out there who are looking to lure children away from their family and friends and to abduct them, so dont let your guard down.

Student Ms. Sanchez...

Ms. Sanchez As I said, Ill take questions later. If you need to step away from the group, ask permission first. If a stranger tries to accost or waylay you, run away as fast as you can.

Student Uh, Ms. Sanchez?

Ms. Sanchez Yes?

Student I think youve got the wrong classroom. Were the eighth graders. The first graders are on the second floor.

Ms. Sanchez Where are my glasses? Oh, here they are. Oh Youre not my first-graders Why didnt anyone say anything earlier?

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battlefield 3 ESL minifragvovie

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