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English - 2013. More thаn training B1 1 вариант - ГТЦ "Газпром", Красная поляна, Сочи. Трасса "B1" Синяя
Январь 2015 / January 2015
ГТЦ "Газпром", Красная поляна, Сочи. Трасса "B1" Синяя / Gazprom, Krasnaya polyana, Sochi". Ski trail "B1" blue

#Горныелыжи #лыжи #горы #гора #склон #склоны #альпы #трассы #слалом #слаломгигант #спуск #скоростнойспуск #фрирайд #халфпайп #горнолыжныепутешествия #Ski #Mountainski #Alpineski #Mountains #Tracks #Slalom #Giantslalom #Freeride #HalfPipe #Skitrips #Hills #tracks #slopes #skitrail #snowboard #snowboarding #Сочи #Краснаяполяна #Sochi #KrasnayaPolyana

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Now we are ready to start.
Speaker 1
Every weekend I like to play football from September to June and tennis in the summer months. It is a big commient, but it keeps me active and healthy and there is a great social scene linked to the friends I play with. We often go out Saturday nights to restaurants, clubs or the cinema. We dont take it very seriously. Probably well never win any big competitions but we are more interested in keeping fit and having fun.
Speaker 2
I am probably going to be away this weekend. I like to just set off on a Friday night and see where I end up. Ill drive for a few hours, stay in a guest house, and then set off again early next morning. I like not having an itinerary. I might go to Scotland or to Wales. Ill just see where the car takes me. Two weekends ago I drove down to Cornwall and spent all of Sunday walking the costal path in huge winds and rain. But I absolutely loved it.
Speaker 3
For me, the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning is having a leisurely cooked breakfast in the golf course cafft I dont play golf I just love the cafiavhich has brilliant views over the sea. For about five pounds you get toast, sausage, bacon, eggs and beans plus unlimited refills of tea or coffee. They even have newspapers there which you can take to your table and slowly read while munching your toast.
Speaker 4
I have to work every other weekend but once a month I get a four day weekend to make up for it. I try to get all my house work, shopping and other jobs out of the way so I can treat these as mini holidays. Whenever I can, I go on walking holidays either camping or staying at youth hostels. This year Ive been to the Lake District, Snowdonia and even managed to complete the South Downs Way, 110 miles, in my four day breaks
Speaker 5
The weathers been bad for the last three weekends, but the forecast is OK for next week and I should be able to get out. I thought I might play a bit of golf or if its really nice Ill go fishing. A month ago we had beautiful weather and I was lucky enough to get invited sailing. Actually I dont mind what I do as long as I can get outdoors. Ill give Tom a call tonight. We have the same golf handicap so if hes free it should be a good contest.
Speaker 6
Sunday mornings I love to go to the boot sale at Brighton Marina. All sorts of things are for sale antiques, bric-a-brac, books, records, furniture You name it and somebody will be selling it. But the reason I go is to see my friends. Some of them are stall holders and others of us just go there to see whats on sale and chat. Last month however I managed to buy a rare antique silver broach for £10. Ive since shown it to a jeweler who offered me £200 for it.
You have 15 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 15 seconds.)
Now you will hear the texts again. (Repeat.)
This is the end of the task. You now have 15 seconds to check your answers.

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ГТЦ "Газпром", Красная поляна, Сочи. Трасса "B1" (Синяя)

Январь 2015 / January 2015
ГТЦ "Газпром", Красная поляна, Сочи. Трасса "B1" (Синяя) / Gazprom, Krasnaya polyana, Sochi". Ski trail "B1" (blue)

#Горныелыжи #лыжи #горы #гора #склон #склоны #альпы #трассы #слалом #слаломгигант #спуск #скоростнойспуск #фрирайд #халфпайп #горнолыжныепутешествия #Ski #Mountainski #Alpineski #Mountains #Tracks #Slalom #Giantslalom #Freeride #HalfPipe #Skitrips #Hills #tracks #slopes #skitrail #snowboard #snowboarding #Сочи #Краснаяполяна #Sochi #KrasnayaPolyana

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