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Helen How was your holiday, Betsy?
Betsy It was great to get away to somewhere warm. I hate spending the
New Year in a cold climate.
Helen So, where did you go then?
Betsy To the Canary islands. We flew to Tenerife.
Helen Oh really? Did you get a charter?
Betsy Yes, it was a package holiday, which included the flight and hotel.
It was really good value.
Helen So, where did you stay then?
Betsy In the south of the island. We stayed in quite a nice hotel right
near the coast.
Helen I think, I read somewhere that the beaches in Tenerife are black.
Is that right, Betsy?
Betsy Yes, thats partly true. Theyre striped-white and black. The
black sand is from the volcanoes and the white sand is from the Sahara
Helen From the Sahara desert?
Betsy Yes. The islands in the Atlantic Ocean, near Africa.
Helen Oh, I didnt realize that. So, it was pretty hot then?
Betsy It was fantastic. Warm enough to swim in January.
Helen So, you spent most of your time on the beach then?
Betsy No, I also went on lots of trips. One trip to the mountains was
incredible. The views were unbelievable I also visited a really beautiful zoo
in the mountains. It specialized in wild birds which flew free. Ive never
seen anything like it before.
Helen Sounds marvellous. Are the mountains covered with snow at that
time of the year?
Betsy Its not cold enough for that.
Helen So, youd recommend it as a holiday then?
Betsy Yes. Sure. Its a tremendous place for a winter break. Id
recommend it any time.
Helen Oh, I forgot to ask. Do they speak Spanish there?
Betsy Yes, the natives of the island speak Spanish, but nearly everybody
speaks some English and a lot of English people actually live there. They
have holiday homes there.
Helen So you had no language problems then?
Betsy No.

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a1 roms-mistoufle-ct.mp3
Clearscream 1

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