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Now the day is almost gone,
I was close to logging off,
But then something caught my eye.
Brown hair not a curl,
You are my pixelated girl,
To far away to hear me cry.
Theres one thing i need to tell you,
Diana, At first I was just happy that you werent a naked guy, yeah,
Diana, but now I see, that,
Diana, i had a floppy disk that you turned into a hard drive.
Diana, I love you so.

Chatroullete may be your man,
And Ill make sure that I can,
Shower you with affection.
Although were many miles apart,
Im sure that this could be the start,
Of our internet love connection.

Theres one thing I need to tell you,
Diana, I wrote our love in chili, cause I know youre hot and spicy.
Diana, I love you so.

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Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Chatroulette Version) Чат-рулетка

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