sweet dark angel

Donar sweet dark angel - NOSFERATU - Dark Angel live in Dornbirn, Austria, May 2006

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Sweet dark Angel
Shes a godess, a heroine,
shes the princess of your favourite sins
She´s a devil in a rubber suit
it´s so much fun to kiss her boots
She´s got a gun and she will use it
you better run or you will loose it
She´s a belly dancer of the twilight zone
You´d give a million bucks to drive her home
she´s so heavy, oh so heavy
Yeah, it´s alright, she´s my sweet dark angel
Yeah, it´s alright, she´s my rock´n roll queen
She´s a bad girl, a dancer from hell
in a mad world of rock´n roll bells
she´s a mean deal, she pumped it out of me
my private porn queen
She´s the first shot of a machine gun
a godess of the gang bang scene
She´s got the license to fly an aeroplane
but all she does is drive you insane
She´s so heavy
Yeah, it´s alright.........

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NOSFERATU - Dark Angel live in Dornbirn, Austria, May 2006

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