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Put me up, put me down
Put my feedback on the ground
Put me up, take my heart
And make me happy

Put me up, put me down
Put my feedback on the ground
Put me up, feel my heart
And make me happy

Ayyayaya Coco Jambo ayyayai

Here we go
Gettin' smooth to the groove
Showing lovely ladies
How I sooth as I move
That's what they say
But I can't prove
So turn it up again and watch me
Move to the groove
As we get close
You whisper coco
I hold you in my arms
And you say Jamboo
Scream and shout
Turn and say columbo
Now I gotta go yo coco

That's the way I treat dem girls
Kinda smooth see
'Cos there's one man
And yo that's me see
So let me show you round
As you sip your tee gee
But no coco
Loco boom
While I take a pee pee
When I hold my baby tighter
She says I do it nicer
I like my chicken
With rice and lemonada
And that's what you get
When she shout out Jamboo
Now I gotta go so coco

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